Bring Bennet Home

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ode to my Middle Sister

Today is my little sister, Cassie Raquel Meyer-Hays' birthday! She turned 25 today so I thought it was appropriate to dedicate a blog to my most faithful reader.
I don't have a SINGLE childhood memory without Cassie in it. I'm 17 months her senior and we have been each others consistent sidekick for as long as I can remember. One of my favorite memories as kids was after my parents would put us to bed Cassie would sneak into my room and say she was scared so she could sleep with me. We would inevitably end up laughing and my parents would threaten to separate us. She has always been my built in best friend! At times she was my shadow, at other's she was my slave. When Cassie started kindergarten our roles began to switch. She became the decisive one that lead out and I've slowly become the one who needs other opinions and cares too much about what other people think. Not my little sister! She is the MOST HONEST person I've ever been around, but in the best way possible. You always know where you stand with her and what she's thinking (even if you'd rather not) She is independent and business savy. When she sets her mind to something, it gets accomplished - no matter what. Her ability to mix the truth with humor is something I admire greatly. She is the picture of transparency and is totally comfortable in her own skin, despite any flaws, she makes no apologies for who she is. I'm so proud of her work ethic. She owns and operates two successful businesses. She is an amazing mother to my niece, Emrie. Who I see so much of Cassie in. Cassie is seriously one of the funniest people I know. No matter where we are, she makes me laugh. Sometimes a little too much! (Cracker Barrel, that's all I'm going to say) She wears her heart on her sleeve and shares the emotions of the moment with all those who'll listen. When she's excited about something, you're gonna hear about it. If she's mad or sad or frustrated - also gonna hear about it. She cries easily and often makes me laugh instead of shedding tears myself. A few choice words that remind her of her past and she's blubbering uncontrollably. I remember in middle school going to see Titanic and we had to wait long after the movie was over for Cassie to get herself together before we could leave. She feels so deeply, so quickly and easily. She is a bit of a shopaholic and loves a good find. She isn't too proud to admit the price and when we were younger all presents were purchased off of clearance racks regardless of the combo of items. It could be socks, a checkbook cover and pj pants all from Old Navy, all under $5 each (seriously one of my Christmas gifts) We (my mom, 2 sisters, and myself) are all very protective of each other. When my parents divorced we bonded together in a way I still can't really explain and because we love each other so fiercely it's hard for us not to react quickly when we feel the other is in trouble. I love my little sister and I'm so proud of the women she has become. She is all you could want in a best friend and I'm lucky to have her as mine.
I love you Cass and I hope you've had a wonderful day! Thank you for being someone I can look up to and for always, always being my little sister! As the days and years pass I'm more thankful with each passing one that I have you and Chelsie as my sisters. I couldn't imagine sharing all those memories with anyone but you!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Super Summer

We went to Super Summer last week and it's been a long time since I've felt so refreshed and learned so many new things about God and we go to a lot of camps, retreats, revivals etc... The thing that I love about Super Summer, and have since I went as a student, is that as soon as you step foot off the van you can feel God's presence. We arrived for Team Leader weekend and soon after were each given two five pound ankle weights to wear until Sunday night. (approx. 36 hours) This may not sound like much but the lessons I learned in those few hours were plentiful and painful. We were not to take them off but to carry these "burdens" like we do our sins. Some people said as time went on they noticed them less and less, I was opposite. Mine started rubbing blisters on my ankles and made walking without a limp continually more difficult. My sweet hubs offered to bear my burdens for me, but my stubborn self didn't want to admit I needed help so I kept them. As Sunday night approached I grew more and more anxious to get them taken off. The Consecration Service was so powerful. My husband prayed over me and removed my burdens, which mainly consisted of not being able to have a baby, and God reaffirmed to me that His timing is perfect and I can only do so much in this process, the rest is up to Him. That visual reminder of removing the weights has helped me to continually lay that burden down. I also had the honor of praying over several team leaders and remove their burdens. I was especially humbled to pray for one of my girls, Samantha Olson. She has had a rough go of things for quite sometime. I've been praying for her for years. God has recently gotten a hold of her life and she is learning so much and growing like crazy. Praying over her was extremely emotional, but also extremely amazing experience. I knew God had great things in store for the week with a beginning like that.
This was FBC Sayre's first trip to Super Summer and we were anxious to see what our students thought and what God would show them. He didn't disappoint. They all had great weeks and are so excited after experiencing a dose of the power of Christ. One night the recent graduates (Silver School) prayed over the almost 8th graders (Red School) and that was such a beautiful site. Watching these kids who are leaving home and their respective student ministries bless, advise, and pray for the ones who are just starting that journey was like nothing I've ever seen. Such a blessing! We worked with Red School, which I was REALLY nervous about because I'm most comfortable with high schoolers, but they were so fun! I loved Red School and I have now been in every color, either as a student, a Team Leader, or as a Team Leader Coordinator. Many other things I could say, but we were all blessed by spending a week with like minded believers asking the Spirit of God to fall. He did and we will never be the same. True fellowship with God happens when we change after our encounter. That is my prayer for our 10 students as well as all others who attended Super Summer '09!