Bring Bennet Home

Friday, February 25, 2011


I have the most incredible sisters. We have more fun together then I do with anyone else. There's never a dull moment or one that has to be filled with an awkward exchange. It's just easy. We know each other deeply and love the other anyway.
We are also the perfect picture of birth order rules. I'm the oldest and I've always felt protective and done all I could to set a good example. I remember thinking through things in college and asking myself how I would feel when either of my sisters found out what I'd done or how I'd handled a situation. I always wanted them to be proud of me like I was of them. I longed for them to want to do things because I did them, but that never happened. They grew up great all by themselves without a thought about me. And now as I realize that it makes me feel even more grateful for the two girls who grew up in my house with me.
Cassie is the middle in every sense of the word. She is my polar opposite. Where I hesitate, she jumps! She is full of life and lives so much differently then me. I can't make decisions and need people to reassure me. Not her. She's independent and brave. She can do anything she sets her mind to and she doesn't take crap from people. She is hospitable and fun. Everyone always wants to be around her because she is the life of the party. The 17 month gap that separates our age makes it impossible for me to remember life without her. She has always been with me. As young children I was in charge and did all the bossing. But somewhere around junior high or high school those roles changed and she took the reigns. She holds them well.
Then there's the baby. Our Chelsie. She is the perfect blend of her two older sisters and loved insanely by both of them. She is decisive and smart and tough like Cassie. I see so much of Cassie in Chelsie. They have so many qualities I wish I saw in myself. Chels is particular like me. She and I both have a way of doing things that Cassie totally missed out on. She is smart and beautiful and brave. I'm just so stinkin' proud of the woman she is growing into. I'll always remember the day shortly after my 8th birthday when we welcomed the third of our trio. What sweet memories.
As we grow and life changes around us those two have always been the constants in my life. Whether it's a tough time one of us is dealing with or just a fun day of shopping the troops rally. We are a lot and nothing is off the table. I'm so thankful to have these two people in my life who know me in ways no one else can. I'm thankful to get to walk alongside them through this life and watch as they change their worlds for the better. They are my favorites. What would I do or be without them? I don't dare to think about it.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ten Months...WHAT? (and a little late)

I never realized how quickly ten months could pass! I just can't believe it's been that long. Life with you is the greatest joy and challenge of my life, but I wouldn't have it any other way. You made me a Momma and that is the greatest gift I've ever received.
Today is an extra special date because five years ago today your Daddy asked me to be his wife. It was such a great surprise and thinking back on those precious moments make me realize just how special your Daddy is. I think I picked a pretty good one for you! He is so crazy about you and glows at your every accomplishment.

You are SUPER busy these days! You go all the time. And you're fast! I think I've got you fooled and you'll be entertained a while and walk off and before you know it you're right behind me. You're still a big boy, but I can tell your finally slowing down because you're moving so much. I don't know how much you weigh but I'd say your still right around 25 lbs. If we've heard, "Looks like he's gonna play football," Or something football related once, we've heard it 100 times. You're not small! You are wearing 12-18 months in clothes and pj's. Size five diapers still. You still take 4-ish bottles a day. Sometimes more or less depending on what we're doing that day and if you wake up during the night. You are eating a good mixture of table food and baby food. You haven't found much you don't like and as long as I can get you to focus you are pretty easy to feed. We've also started brushing your teeth every night and you love it! It's so funny to watch you.

You pull up on everything, crawl fast and have started getting brave and turning loose of things on your own. You can stand for a while independently, but you don't really like to. You took your first steps this week. One lone step at Nana Lue's on Feb. 11th, but after your step you fell all the way back onto your back. We all over reacted and it scared you a little. And today you took two steps to get from Dad to Thatcher. No surprise that you were after that dog. He is your favorite thing to chase! You say "Sssss" when you're looking for him. He likes you too, even though he pretends to be annoyed by you sometimes.

You say Dada, Sssss, book, shew-wee and poop. No sign of Momma anytime soon, you little stinker! You can sign dog, eat and all done. You play so rough already. It's so funny how much of a boy I can already tell you're going to be. You love to hammer or bang on things and if you can get it apart you take it apart. After you get something apart (whether it's supposed to come apart or not) you always look so proud of yourself.
Granna got you some Praise Baby movies and you really like those. We've been watching them before bed and you sit so still and watch for the full 30 minutes. You love the television and have a pretty long attention span for as young as you are. But you know if it's something for you or something we're watching.
You also have become quite the dancer! It's pretty cute. We have little dance parties in the bathroom so you can watch yourself in the mirror. But you bounce up and down and smile so big. I can't wait to see how your moves develop as you get older.

You got to experience your first two snows this month and we took you out to play for a little while. You were neutral towards it. I think you were kinda confused. Also your snow suit is too short and part of your arms hung out, but you didn't cry. You made your first snow angle!

You are still so flexible and laid back. We haul you all over the place and you just smile sweetly and go with the flow. You haven't had any stranger danger experiences and still will go to anyone who puts their hands out to you. This is usually ok, but sometimes you go when Momma doesn't want you to. Aunt Dayva gave you your first sucker at a ballgame. Momma objected but she did it anyway.

We made Valentines for our families this month. It didn't work out like I planned and you didn't know what to do with that paint. But it was pretty cute. When I'm rocking you to sleep lately you like to sing with me. And by sing I mean squeal. But either way it's super cute. I hope you love music and like to sing like Daddy and I do. Everyone's bet is you'll be the base in our trio. We'll see.
Our family had the privilege of going back to DPAS to speak at an adoption seminar. This was such a blessing for us because we benefited so much from the families who were on our panel (shout out to the Satterfield's!) You did really well and were very sweet. You fell asleep towards the end of the time we were there. We are still so blessed by the ladies at DPAS!
What was life like before you? What did I fill my days with? I'm so glad I can't remember. Tucker Gordon you are a blessing to me every single day. Thank you for teaching me what it is to love someone so much. Thank you for keeping me on my toes and for making me so proud. I am so honored God chose me to be your Momma and you to be my son. I love you more then all the letters in the world could ever express.