Bring Bennet Home

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Yesterday I attended my first run. We volunteered for the Orphan Mud Run in Ada as a benefitting family. Some sweet families who have also adopted before put the event together as a blessing to families who are fundraising. We had little to do with the preparations for this event which was wonderful!
We have been working really hard this past month planning and coordinating fundraisers so just get to show up and help was wonderful. My job was really simple. I was to stand in front of the last of 11 obstacles on a 5K muddy trail and instruct the runners what do to. There was a steep incline right before they reached me and were ending the race on the other side of a large puddle. I found myself getting teary eyed many times as faces flushed with exhaustion and caked with mud topped the hill and finished their race.
I have never seen the point of these runs or races. They require a lot of commitment, work and training. Frankly, they're just unappealing to someone who is over weight, lazy and generally unathletic. I have never excelled at these sort of things and so I think sometime in high school I gave up at all athletic endeavors. But as I stood and welcomed runners to the end of their race I think I understood more of the appeal. It was a hard run with lots of hills and those who crossed the line last you could tell there was struggle involved to make their bodies keep going. I can relate. Sometimes its hard to want to keep going. To finish. But the end result the accomplishment is worth the sacrifices.
With the increased financial responsibility of adopting two babies instead of one four months apart I must admit that I feel overwhelmed. The lack of plan makes me uncomfortable. We have no choice but to trust God's provision. There is no logical way our family can come up with the funds for the second adoption. No way. We will spend $10,000 less on these two babies then Chris makes in an entire year. It doesn't add up. I have worked as hard as I can at these fundraisers the last several weeks and we've done well. Great actually. But Bennett's arrival will cause all of these activities to cease and a new baby will take over my days until our third Gordon makes their appearance. But I want to finish this journey were on with faith in my eyes. I want to trust without question God's provision and plan for our family. This doesn't surprise Him. He sees the end result. I have to trust.
In the end the money is secondary to all in our lives that is to come. I hate that its even part of this process, but its evident that my trust in God's provision is a part of the lessons adoptions #2 and #3 hold. I am choosing to endure with cheerfulness as we continue down this road. My adoption verse comes back in to play once again, but with a different meaning. "To Him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we ask, think or imagine. To Him be the honor and glory forever and ever. Amen" Eph. 3.20
Thank you to all of you who have given, participated, helped, prayed and encouraged us to this point. It truly takes a village to raise children and in our case to bring them home. Thank you seems insufficient to the gratitude my heart holds for our tribe. I'm partial to those who make it up, but I think it's the best one around.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

SUPER Close!!!

We are $165 from reaching our goal with the 31 party. That's basically 4-5 items for you to buy to help Bring Bennett Home. They make great Christmas or Anniversary gifts! Go to & browse the catalog. Then message or email me your order at  You can help us do this!!! Thanks!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Exceedingly, Abundantly

Once upon a time that seems so very long ago there was a girl who wished for a baby. She and her husband tried and tried to get one the only way they knew how for years, but all their effort was to no avail. Then one day after lots of struggling they surrendered their plan and waited for God's. He quickly answered their cries with a beautiful, brown baby boy who they fell madly in love with. They named him Tucker and he continues to be the light of their life.
Fast forward about two and a half years... There was another baby promised to this family by another birth mother who lived in a far away land called Texas. As they were getting everything ready for their second prince to arrive the birth mom of the eldest prince called. She is pregnant again and asked the family if they would consider adding another baby to their quiver. Without a moments hesitation the family gladly said yes. It seemed like it was their only choice.
As the days passed, they began spreading the news that they would be adopting, not one baby but TWO!!! The young babies will be just over three months apart (if both Birth Mom's deliver on their due dates) and the family will grow from three to five in just a few months!
They know this is a little crazy and quite unorthodox, but the family feels so blessed! They couldn't be happier for the next steps in their adventure of babies.
And they lived happily ever after... (With lots of prayers, support and wisdom from sweet friends and family!)

That's the short story.

The more detailed version goes like this...
We have an open relationship with Tucker's Birth Mom, K. We see her 3-4 times a year and though the relationship has not been without drama it has always been a good one. We are so happy to get to be a part of her life and that Tucker will get to grow up knowing who she is and being able to ask her questions later. Such a blessing.
K's life is about as different from ours as possible. She bounces around between friends houses and jobs. She is single (most of the time) and just doesn't have much. She was a foster child who out grew the system so she doesn't have any support from a family. She depends on the generosity of friends to live.
We found out she was pregnant when she posted it on Facebook early this summer. We immediately began praying. I talked with her not long after her news made it's internet debut and she was pretty adamant that she wanted to parent this third child. (well fourth including the one she miscarried last summer that we were also planning to adopt) We kept praying and moved forward with our adoption plans. We just didn't feel like we should plan our family around her. Our profile was activated on July 26th after our Zambia trip fell through. We were chosen by a birth mom in Texas, J, on August 10th, 2012. K knew all about this other plan and last we talked she was still going to parent.
Then last Monday, September 10th, she called. We talked for a long time and she asked us if there was anyway we would consider adopting the baby she is carrying. I immediately said yes. Chris and I have been praying for the whole year that the baby (-ies) that are supposed to be ours, ultimately would be. Regardless of our plans and we felt like K's question was our answer.
After we talked she called our adoption agency in Oklahoma City and visited with the Director there who was her case worker for Tucker. They set up an appointment for last Thursday, the 13th, to meet and talk things through. The counseling aspect is one of the MANY things we love about Deaconess! We had already been planning to go to Lawton to visit K this Friday, the 14th. After K's conversation Thursday with Holly from DPAS and our conversations with her Friday, she is 100% sure that she wants to place this baby in our family in February 2013!
Friday we went down as planned and I got to go to her doctors appointment with her Friday morning. We got to see the baby and everything looks great! She is 19 weeks along and is due February 6th, 2013. We are so so excited and just flat OVERWHELMED!!! Two babies three months apart! Three babies under three years old!
We also know that February is a long time away and much could change. Much could also change before Bennett's arrival. He is due October 21st, but we are just believing that God has a better plan then we could come up with. We are trusting Him to help these Birth Mom's to decide what is best for these babies.
We know it's a lot! We know it might be a little crazy, but we also don't feel like there is any other decision. This baby is Tucker's half sibling and K is part of our family. This baby was already our family. We have been praying for protection over this child since we knew it existed and we have been praying for wisdom for K all the while. We believe this is God's provision for our growing family.
This is also a GIANT undertaking. We are very close to having adoption #1 paid for, but that leaves nothing to pay for adoption #2. Please pray the money will be provided and write or email your congressmen and ask him to vote to make the adoption tax credit fully refundable for 2012. As of right now, that is the only way we know of that this thing will be funded that quickly. Also pray for both of these sweet Birth Moms who are trusting us with this huge honor and blessing! Pray for their health as well as our babies. Pray for peace, joy, comfort, wisdom, grace and encouragement as they walk through very difficult days. And pray for our family as we grow so quickly. Pray for smooth adjustments for all three of us and wisdom as we move forward in this huge walk of faith. Also pray we get the opportunity to show K and J what the love of Jesus really looks like and for their salvation. We want to bring God glory through all of this!
As far as Bennett is concerned, he is doing GREAT! J's blood pressure is staying low and things are still looking good. It looks like she will carry Bennett longer then she did her last baby who was four weeks early. (four weeks early is one week from today!) As of right now, this second baby hasn't affected this adoption and we're praying it won't. The count down is definitely on for Bennett to make his grand entrance!
So there is a little update on what we've been doing this past week. Big changes!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

31 Fun

The party is may be over, but your opportunity to do some shopping isn't. Take a few minutes to look through the 31 Catalog and see if you don't something you can't live without or maybe even get some early Christmas shopping out of the way. This stuff is awesome, durable, cute and makes great gifts! Here's the link and remember all the proceeds from your purchase will go straight to helping us bring Bennett home.