Bring Bennet Home

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just the Hem

One of the things I want to remember...
I think all babies develop little comforts that help them fall asleep, calm down or just give them a little reassurance. My sweet fella is no exception. But his "thing" is a little different then most. He doesn't have a special blanket, lovie or stuffed animal that he migrates to. He hasn't used a pacifier since he was four  month old. And he isn't uber attached to a sippy cup. (shout out to Cousin Emrie!) As a child, mine was playing with my hair. I still catch myself doing this if I can't fall asleep, deeply focusing or if I'm worrying about something. It's funny how those things stick with us from the very beginning. Tucker's comfort of choice is the hem of my shirt. Sleeve, bottom hem, collar - he doesn't care as long as he can sneak his little fingers under, run his fingers back and forth, touch my skin or just hold on. 
Tucker has done this since he was pretty small. When I'd give him his bottles with his arm tucked under mine it would only take a few seconds and I'd feel little fingers sneaking their way up the sleeve of my shirt. Now days he does this anytime he gets sleepy or needy. If I'm not holding him he comes and leans his head on my legs and holds the bottom of my shirt. If we're laying or sitting down he prefers my sleeve, but he'll take the collar of my shirt if necessary. Even if I try to avoid it, he persists. It's pretty sweet unless its the middle of the night and he's refusing to go back to sleep or if he has a hang nail. ha.
Today as I was laying down with Tucker for his nap it occurred to me that this is another thing I'll miss someday all too soon and I don't want to forget it. Sweet little fingers finding their comfort in their momma's shirt is pretty precious. I'm so glad I get to do this everyday. I'm reminded not everyone gets to stay home and cuddle with their babies all day. Even on the long days that seem to last forever Tucker reminds me that this is what I was made to do and just how blessed I am to be his Momma. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Maybe 30 won't be so bad?

A few weeks ago my college roommates from OBU and I got to have an extended reunion in New York City! We will all turn 30 sometime in the next twleve months, what better excuse did we need to take a vacation together? Five of the six roommates got to come and it was perfect! We laughed, ate, reacquainted, reminisced, explored and slept thru the night! Our "honorary" roommate, Luke Whorton, moved to NYC last summer and graciously allowed five girls and all their stuff to take over his apartment for almost a week. I think it was pretty even pay back for all the time he spent at the Philly House in college.
We got caught up and just loved on each other as we crossed different sites off of our lists. The highlights of the trip for me were our conversation, specifically at Serendipity, and seeing Jersey Boys on Broadway. (HIGHLY recommend it!)
Now for the pictures...

Myra, Rachael, Me, Megan & Kristin. Missing Jennie. The things I've learned from each of these women have been a blessing to my life. Each are in a different stage then when we spent a year and a half loving each other thru our first bumpy stages of independence, but I love them more after this trip then I did when I had the privilege of seeing them daily. 

 Jersey Boys was FANTASTIC!!! My first Broadway experience and it was wonderful. We laughed and sang along with the cast all the way through. It's coming to Tulsa this summer and it's worth every penny!

 At Serendipity. We waited a long time to get in this joint but the conversations we shared over frozen hot chocolate were well worth the wait. Sweet bonding time.

 Kristin was the first of the group to cross the milestone into her 30th year so we celebrated her birthday at a swanky restaurant called Budda Kahn (that's how it sounds I have NO idea how to spell it.) But the food was delish and it was a real treat to get dressed up a little and go out on the town for dinner at 11:30 p.m. holy moly! We couldn't believe all of us old Momma's made it through without falling asleep. (3 of the 4 are Momma's and 1 is pregnant)

 This was in the elevator on the way to Luke's "Penthouse." 

 In Central Park. We got a little out of hand in Central Park with the pictures/poses but we had a ball! It's a bit different trying to get good pictures when toddlers aren't involved. We all commented how much easier it is when you aren't trying to get anyone to look/smile. 

 At Belvedere Castle in Central Park. It was quite a hike to get to this beauty, but it was well worth it.

Waiting on our lunch. We ate so well! We decided there are so many choices restaurants have to be good to survive! We were never disappointed!
Throughout the trip I tried to remind myself to soak these moments up because a trip like this doesn't come along often. We made countless priceless memories and had a blast exploring the City that Never Sleeps. I'm so glad these girls are apart of my life! I couldn't have picked five better girls to share life with. Until the next reunion...