Bring Bennet Home

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Holli B

So a lot of my close friends are having birthdays all together and I love telling the world about how amazing all of them are...Todays focus is on one of my best friends HOLLI BREWER. She is one of my oldest friends. We met and started hanging out when I was a freshmen in high school. She is my one friend that I can honestly say I'd do anything with and have done more than I would with anyone other than my husband. She made me breakfast in bed on my wedding day, she and I worked together at my very first job, we have been each others confidants, embarrassing secret keepers, and many other things. She is probably one of my most talented friends. She has started her own photography business ( a few years ago and she is AMAZING!!! She has since shots tons of weddings, families, and babies. I already have her booked for my baby's birthing shoot, whenever that may happen. Every time I look at her website tears come to my eyes because I'm so proud of my precious friend. She is also a wonderful wife and mother. She was my first friend to get married so therefore she was the first bachelorette party I got to throw. So many fun memories. Holli has two beautiful babies that each time I met them she asked me if they were really as cute as she thought they were. We were always afraid that when we had kids that they'd actually not be as cute as we thought so we made a pact to tell each other if ours weren't. Lucky for Holli B. both of hers were and still are two of the most beautiful kids EVER! Maybe one of my favorite things about Holli is that we never have to pretend to be something we're not. We can always be 100% honest with each other and just be. We both understand that sweat pants can fix almost any problem, that a good dessert covers a multitude of sins, and that best friends are to be treasured. We also lucked out that our husbands became instant buddies, mostly based on both their vast sports knowledge. When we all hang out Holli and I sit and may or may not talk while our husbands flip channels discussing the latest in high school, college, and professional sports with never a quiet moment between them. They are the friends we are always sad to leave. Holli may be the friend that is the most like me and I love her deeply. I really can't imagine what I'd do without her. Love you Hol and I hope you have the most fantastic of birthdays!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tristan Tyler

This post is dedicated to one of my best friends in honor of his birthday...TRISTAN TYLER SHUTT. Some of my best friends from college are boys. In fact, two of them were bridesmaids or bridesmen as we called them in my wedding. Tristan is one of those. Yesterday was his birthday and I wanted to dedicate a blog to him and our one of a kind friendship. Tristan is one of my very favorite people. When he calls or texts me even for silly things, it makes me smile. We have always been able to talk about ANYTHING and for hours at a time. I have so many wonderful memories of Tris. One of my first memories was made due to our German class. It was the first of many classes we had together and for an extra credit project or something we had to go to a German dinner at our professor's house. When I got into the car he asked me if I liked fish. I said not really and was worried that was what we were going to eat. He meant the band, not the food. And from then on it was history. My Junior year, his senior he wrote a continuous rap for me during different classes we both were taking. In true Tris style it was funny and creative and sentimental. After class he would read them to me as we walked to the GC or back to one of our cars. The last rap was so sweet and personal. One of my favortie memories. I saw dances that were reserved only for me. We both kept secrets and used each other's homework as our own at times. We talked all through the night. We studied with scheduled massage breaks. We drove around Shawnee with the windows down snapping along to some music I never knew who was singing. We ate from the GC on money our parents meant to carry us through semesters. We laughed and told stories. We drempt together, cried together, and mostly laughed together. I still treasure the moments we get to spend together. They are fewer and further between now, but all the more precious. I love him like a brother. I'm so proud of all his accomplishments and I admire his incredible creativity. He is a true catch and I think very highly of him. I count myself blessed to be his friend. I love that I can call him on stupid things he does and that he does the same for me. We are totally ourselves with each other. He may be my only guy friend that didn't let my marriage affact our friendship and I love that. He is a kindered spirit. He's sentimental and loves to remember when. If you ever get a chance to meet my friend Tristan soak him up because he is truly one of the most loving and kind people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Love you Tris!