Bring Bennet Home

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Song related memories

Monday I went to Purcell to spend the day with my mom because it was her 50th Birthday. While I was at her house I found a whole bunch of old cd's, some of which I mixed in high school and college. As I got on the road to make the nearly 3 hour drive back to Sayre I popped them in and was taken back to fun days and memories with so many different people. I want to post some of them that people who read this blog will hopefully appreciate them as well...Hope these make some of you smile!
ZOMBIE - Kinsey Henson Charles. Driving down the road singing this as loud as possible and laughing all the way. I think we were in your white bug.
ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS - Leslie Horn, now Poe and Christina Porter Chartney. Sophomore year. First semester finals week. 2 am. I was sleeping and was woken up by them singing this song, dancing, tensil and little else. So fun!
MEET VIRGINIA - Becca Harris. Reasons related to Mondays...
DISNEY MUSIC, SPECIFICALLY FROM THE LITTLE MERMAID - Taylor 2nd West girls, Monday nights, good times!
DOES HE LOVE YOU/HOOKED ON A FEELIN'/ PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN- Cassie Raquel. So many wonderful songs I could list as memories with my little sisters. Many a fun time!
AIN'T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH - Mackenzie Martin. If we sung this song once, we sung it a million times!
SNAPS -Tristan Tyler Shutt. I don't know the real name of this song, but it's wonderful memories none the less. We are kindred spirits who are equally sentimental and I love him!
MAYBERRY - Luke Whorton. It's the song that made him like country music. Lots of great memories with him from college.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I run a paper route every Tuesday afternoon. I go through several rural towns surrounding Sayre and it's usually very boring. There's not much to look at and since it's winter everything is dead, but slowly things are turning green. I love it! I love to watch the progression of nature. It started with green wheat pastures here and there. Now the trees are starting to bud and turn green and even some of the grass is beginning to turn a yellow-ish green color. I love it when the weather starts getting warm and everywhere you look things are turning colors.
Because of a visual reminder of seasons changing, I'm reminded of how there is a time for everything. Our family has recently received several rounds of bad medical news and today as I drove through the short grass lands of Western Oklahoma, I was reminded that for everything there is a time and a season. All the bad news that seems to be coming from every direction has a purpose and a lesson. This too has it's purpose and God's hand is in it. Even though it's hard to understand, winter is necessary, rough times are necessary. Even though things aren't always easy and aren't always how we'd have them to be, the trials in our lives have a purpose.
I needed the reminder after a couple of weeks of rough news. Bring on SPRING and focus on the beauty of the world around us. For everything there is a time and a season. A purpose. A desired end result.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blog problems

So I finally got a cute blog and now I don't know how to get rid of the ugly background to where I'm typing and where my followers, bio, etc... I need help! How do I fix this?

Saturday, March 7, 2009


We went to our churches couples retreat this weekend and though we didn't learn anything life changing. I was reminded of what was said to us on our wedding day. Our pastor talked about love, of course, but he also talked about how we were making a covenant. And what that meant, a covenant is an agreement between two people and God. It's a bigger deal then just two people deciding to hang out and live together and do life together. It means giving it all you can and putting each other above all others. I remember him saying that there are days when you love your spouse and it's easy to be married and be together. But there are other days when it's not so easy. When you don't really want to be married or love each other or consider him above yourself and those are the days the commitment comes into play. You have to be committed. So many couples that emphasize how they "feel" but feelings change. They are always changing, through good times and bad, crisis and smooth sailing, plenty and in want, all kinds of things affect how we feel. So we all make conscience choices all along the way that are in the best interest of our marriages. It's so important for couples to continue to work on your marriage and be committed to each other.
We live in a very non-committal society. I'm as guilty as anyone else. Everyone waits until the last minute to commit even to small things. We see an out clause in everything. We sometimes even build them in. It's so important to intentionally make the mental switch with our marriages. When Chris and I were dating I explained to him that to me marriage is a one time thing. I lived through and saw my parents heartbreak when they got divorced and at 13 when they ended things I decided I would never, no matter what, get divorced. I think you have to have that mentality. Because people are fallen and we make wrong choices. If there's no commitment then marriage is just like anything else that you can change in and out of, why bother?
It was a good reminder for me to remember to choose my marriage and to choose to make it a priority, so I thought I'd share it in case any of you might need to be encouraged.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This week has been on encouraging thing after another in all different areas of my life.
Last Friday my editor at the newspaper I work for handed me a story that she wanted to be the lead for this week's edition of the Sayre Record. I was excited about also really intimidated, not because this is a super huge deal, but more because she was trusting me with this and I wanted to do a good job. Well the paper came out yesterday and several people have complimented me on the story today. One man even made a special trip to our office to tell how much he appreciated it. There's a certain blessing when others notice your hard work. I don't think the story being good has too much to do with me, the content was what was fantastic. In a nut shell a first grader saved her home because she asked her mom about the batteries in their smoke detechors last fall and then last week they went off in the middle of the night warning the family to get out. Very easy to write a story when you get to hear about a sweet little girl who paid attention when the firemen came to school!
Another huge encouragement has been: Chris and I have been trying to get pregnant for almost two years. We have recently started having doctors appointments to see what is impeading our progrss. People, especially, at our new church have been so faithful to pray for us and to tell they are. It's overwhelming to have people who haven't known you very long to so earnestly lift you up as you face something that's as big as becoming parents. It's been a struggle to say the least, but we know God's timing is perfect, not my planning. I have to remind myself of that often.
We have lived in Sayre for just over 4 months. We got here as basketball season began and we went to almost every game this season. It was a frustrating thing to me sometimes because I didn't see any fruit. The kids didn't seem to notice we were there and despite a few awkward "good games" we seemed to go nearly unnoticed. Last week basketball season ended. And Sunday one of the girls who used to go to our church, but doesn't anymore decided to stop by our house. And a relationship is developing rapidly. It's so refreshing that because she saw us at her games, she felt like she could see what she thought of us. She also came over last night for dinner, unexpectidly and brought another girl who is in the same boat as she is. It's wonderful and I'm so excited. All those nights in a gym weren't unnoiticed!
Also under that same banner...I don't think I've ever been a part of a church I love as much as this one. The vision, leadership, and heartbeat all line up with my passions. The road we took here was so crazy, but I never expected what awaited us at FBC Sayre. It's so refreshing to be apart of a family and to go and not feel like it was just another duty of my week as the "Youth Ministers Wife."
Lastly, I'm encouraged by my husband. He tries so hard to help out and this week he's been great to make an effort. I'm so blessed to have someone love me as much as he does and to put up with all my crazy. He has been so great and tried so hard to understand why not getting pregant is hard for me. He's so supportive and wants to carry all of my burdens for me. I'm a lucky girl to have married so well. He's definately a keeper.
This weekend we're going to our churches couples retreat. We've never to anything like this, but I'm looking forward to it. (This isn't typical of my feelings on non-youth church outings) I guess if nothing else we get to stay in a nice hotel and get to know others in our church.