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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Two Months of Silence Update

Our summers are so busy that when I've had a spare second I haven't had the brain capacity to update my blog. I know I should. I've got lots of fun pictures of fun summer adventures, but I've had little desire to actually upload and caption them. So here's a brief update on life since mid-May when I last posted. Please bare with almost two months of pictures! 
This is my handsome big, boy! 

Aunt Sassie & Uncle Len bought a boat. They named it "The Fiesta" and we got to out on her first spin. 

We went to Falls Creek! Tucker stayed from Saturday thru Wednesday night. His Granna came that evening and kid napped him away. He did GREAT! He played with his "bid tids" all day and slept with them in the bunks at night. He really exceeded everyones expectations and the kids loved having him around and playing with him. A few asked if they could take him to go pick up girls for Icee dates, but his mom wasn't quite ready for that. Maybe next year? 
We've spent lots of time with our "bid tids" This is Rachel and she is so great!
We took the Leadership Team to Falls Creek the weekend before everyone else arrived and had a great time! The water pillow I found on Pinerst was a HUGE hit!
I contributed 9 inches of my hair to the 68 inches our youth group donated to Locks of  Love. These people haven't had a hair cut in a whole year! Super proud of these kids!
It's been so hot, so we have swan a lot! My little fishy is doing so good. 
Granna's pool is smaller, but Scooter the puppy gets to swim with us so it's still pretty fun.

Cousins swimming!
And if the sprinkler is running for the lawn Tucker likes to capitalize on that and get wet. This fella loves water!

We went to the lake with Aunt Sassie, Aunt Chelsie, and cousins Emrie, Kagan & Gracie.

Tuck had his first ride on the tube. He loved it!

He also enjoyed the rocky beach while the girls swam.

Elk City has a great park with a train, carousel & mini golf course. Tuck's favorite is the train. 

Emrie came for a visit so we had to show her all the W-OK had to offer.

Sweet smiles on the carousal. 
Fun in the moon bounce.

Add in a little time on the swings and this boy is set.
We are having a great and SUPER busy summer. We have everything ready for adoption #2 and we leave for Zambia, Africa in ONE WEEK! As soon as we get back from that trip our profile will go active and we will begin anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby #2! 
Please pray for both of these things. Pray for God's will to be done in Zambia and with our next child. Pray for my heart as I leave this first boy for 12 days. (Gulp!) Pray that we would encourage, grow, travel safely, remain healthy & that the Father's name would be glorified as we spend some time at New Day Orphanage in Choma, Zambia. 
Pray for our second Birth Mom as she carries our baby and makes huge decisions for its future. Pray for funds to be provided to cover our adoption expenses. Pray that we may be an encouragement to our next set of birth parents and for us as we make the huge transition lies ahead. Pray for patience, grace, and the constant knowledge that our God is sovereign and will bring the exact baby into our family at the exact right time, regardless of our worry or efforts.