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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Big Bed

So I think I've mentioned on here before that Tucker isn't the best sleeper. He's been a dream child in every other area, but sleeping at night has never been our strong point. Well, last week we went on a mini-vacation to Tulsa. We had a great time catching up with college friends and just being away. I didn't take the pack-n-play so we got a room with two beds and I wasn't sure how sleeping was going to play out. New place. No rocking chair. Big bed. But to our GREAT amazement Tucker LOVED it. He went to sleep on his own (with just his sippy) laying in the dark room at night and for naps. He slept until 5-6 each morning and I'd go lay with him and give him a drink and he'd go right back to sleep. It was awesome!
So we bought a new go-to-sleep book as a prize and when we got home I thought I'd try sleeping in an extra day bed that's always been in his room anyway. And wouldn't ya know it, he loves it too! He has slept in that bed by himself for naps and sleepies all week. I'm just super impressed. He stays in the bed, even after he wakes up he just sits there and plays until we come to get him. I guess he didn't like feeling trapped in his crib or something. We have all slept so good this week and I hope we've turned the sleeping-all-night corner. Crossing our fingers! I think almost 19 months of not sleeping all night is plenty.
We didn't plan on moving him to a big bed yet, but since it's working we're going with it. Now to say that I'm not a little sad that our rocking-to-sleep phase is mostly over would be a lie. I thought that it would be one of those things I got to say good-bye to with one last night of rocking and probably some tears as I let this precious phase grow with this boy who is less of a baby every day, but it just slipped away when I wasn't looking. But I guess trading for reading books and sweet cuddles it a pretty good swap.
I haven't been brave enough to try to get any sleeping pictures of him because I don't want to jinx this sleeping kick he's on. But hopefully I'll have some proof of his latest great accomplishment.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

18 Month Letter

Oh My Tucker,
   Somehow I've blinked and you are more of a kid then a baby. You are sweet, adventurous, coordinated, smart, handsome, friendly, kind, independent and just the light of our lives. Every where we go people still strike up conversations with me about how cute/sweet you are. The comment we get most is, "He looks likes he's gonna play football." Which would be fine with us. You do have the thighs for it! You love to climb, read books, sort shapes, play outside, the cat & dog, and play with trucks/cars/anything with wheels. You respond when spoken to. You follow commands. Your learning to help pick up toys. And much to your Momma's pleasure, you are still a Momma's Boy!

  You still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your cousin, Emrie. You can say her name, tackle her, and you run as fast as your little legs can carry you to keep up with her. She's about 50/50 with how much she likes you. You really think she is the greatest thing. You laugh hysterically at her in person or on videos.
 Your favorite foods are mac & cheese, green beans, turkey, grapes, biscuits, pancakes, noodles (basically any carb will do!) goldfish and animal crackers. You usually eat pretty good, sometimes REALLY good. You drink lots of milk and some watered down juice everyday.
   You are very entertained by the television and if I'm not careful you'll watch as long as I let you. Your favorite thing to watch, by far, is Cars. It's a good thing it's a cute movie because I can just about quote it. You even say, "ca-chow" like Lightening McQueen. It's handy that you like to watch it sometimes, that's for sure.
   You are really smart, well I think you are. You know words or actions to Twinkle, Twinkle, Lord's Army, The Moon Song, Happy and Ya Know It, Patty Cake, Old McDonald and Yummy in my Tummy. You know the sounds letters A-E make as well as G, T, W and M. We're working on more of those sounds and recognizing them by site. Sometimes you do that and sometimes you don't so I'm not sure what all you have down. You know LOTS of animal sounds and recognize pictures of them. You know where most of your body parts are located. You help me put your clothes and shoes on every day and are learning some words for your clothing.
   You are very busy all the time! It seems like you are always running, climbing or chasing something. You do this thing where you sit on your booty and roll circles using your arms and legs. I can't describe it but it seems pretty coordinated for as young as you are. You can stand on one foot and kick a ball, you throw really well and with both hands. (your Dad hopes your a lefty for sports purposes) You have really good balance and are doing stairs with ease.
   We go to the doctor next week for your 18 month check up so I don't know official stats, but last time we went (three weeks ago I think) you weighed 30.14 pounds and were 31.5 inches long. I think you'll be off the charts in the weight category.
   My sweet baby, watching you grow and learn is the highlight of my life. You amaze me everyday with a new word or trick. I'm so proud to be your mom and have you show off all you know to anyone who will watch. I love this journey we are on together and I love the place you have permanently taken up in my heart. I don't know what the future holds, but I'm treasuring these moments that I have just you and me. You are my little buddy and helper. You follow me almost everywhere and always want to know what I'm doing. You love to help me in the kitchen with your own pot and spoon. We read, we wrestle, we sing and we snuggle every single day and I'm just trying to soak up all I can! Thank you for making me a momma and for bringing your Daddy and I more joy then we ever thought possible!

Just let me hold you a little longer because I love you more,

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Photo Card

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Sunday, October 9, 2011


It's no secret that we are big Oklahoma State fans around here. We love our Cowboys and love going to the games. It's been a fun thing that Chris and I have shared since our very first conversation. Sometimes it seems silly how in to it that we get, but it is one of the few hobbies we have that overlap. Our first anniversary present to each other was season tickets and we've had them two other seasons since. There's just something about being at the game in a sea of orange all hoping for the same outcome. It's kinda like watching a movie in a packed theater, but better!
This Saturday was a special game day. It was Tucker's first OSU game. His parents were way more excited then he was, but still it was going to be fun. We had been planning on coming up for a while. A couple weeks ago Uncle Delton, who works at OSU, called and told his little brother some exciting news. He is in charge of the athletic dorms and has put in lots of overtime so as a thank you the team was honoring him as an Honorary Assistant Coach for the day. He would get to go to the walk-thru practice and team dinner Friday night and then spend Saturday with the team from The Walk till the end of the game. He was pumped and Chris was excited for him too, but also a little jealous. Last Wednesday Delton called and said that he'd get to take a guest and his brother was his first choice. To say my husband was excited would be an understatement. He LOVES OSU. Like passionately loves them. All year round I hear about recruits, stats, scores, stories and any other Cowboy info he can get his hands on. My sisters and Mom had also been planning on coming to the game so Saturday we all headed to Stilly for some good ol' Cowboy football!

Saturday at noon we lined the street between The an Atherton d Boone Pickens Stadium and waited for The Walk to begin. This is a game day tradition at OSU. The band, cheerleaders, pom girls, team, coaches and, of course, Pistol Pete make the trek as fans line the street cheering them on. Chris and Delton walked at the end of the procession with Coach Gundy and as they passed Tucker joined them. 
As they walked away I was just struck with pride and thoughts of what being a parent of one of those players would feel like. What it would be like to watch your son set his sights on something that few accomplish and see it through by playing at the collegiate level. We joke often about what if Tucker plays someday and if he would ever be able to play at OSU. It just brought tears to my eyes. And to my sisters too. We get that way sometimes. haha. 
Chris got to continue on with the team and eat lunch with recruits, sat in club level seats, tour both Gallagher-Iba and Boone Pickens Stadium. He was in Heaven all day. He met basketball players, media personalities, coaches and even T. Boone himself. He had a great day! 
We finally made it to kick-off and 32 seconds into the first quarter Tucker was out! A 2:30 kick-off is right in the middle of nap time. Daddy did come down to see us and make sure he was apart of Tucker's first game. 
 But as halftime approached so did the rain. We left early and even though we were a little soggy by the time we got to the car we made lots of fun memories. 

Chris and I look forward to many more games and many more memories surrounding our Cowboys. I'm so thankful that this will always be something we can enjoy together. It sure was fun to share with our Baby for the first time. Ride 'em Cowboys!!!