Bring Bennet Home

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

7 Months Old

My Precious Baby Boy,
I can't even put into words the way you make my heart feel and how much I love you. I fall more in love with you every day and it is my honor to watch you grow and learn. It seems like every day you are learning something else or doing another new trick. You are a true joy to your Daddy and I. I can't wait to watch what comes next and how else you'll bless our lives. How lucky we are to be a part of your life and how blessed we are to get to be your parents.
This month has been busy! I think our lives always are, but I don't feel like we've been home much at all in the last month. You are so flexible and sweet. It's a pleasure to show you off to friends and for our family to watch you grow.

The biggest thing that happened this month is you OFFICIALLY became a Gordon! We finalized your adoption this month. We got to go to court and got your birth certificate with your Mom and Dad listed as your parents and with Gordon as your last name. This was something I didn't realize I was anxious about, but I was definitely relived after it was all over. Now every year on November 3rd we will celebrate your Gotcha Day. What a blessing!

We went to Lawton about a week after our finalization to visit your Birth Mom and Half Sister. You had a great time playing with her and we loved getting to spend time with her at a special dinner to celebrate.

You are so big! I don't know how much you weigh, but it's a lot! You are just growing out of control. You have stopped eating baby food. You flat out refuse! I don't know what's going on. We keep trying, but after maybe three bites you decide that's all you want. I'm not sure what we're going to do with you. You wear size 6-12 months in most things, but some of your pants are too tight. You are also filling out size 4 diapers quite nicely.
You had your second hair cut this month. And you looked so handsome! But you were covered in hair so we gave you a little rinse in Aunt Cassie's sink!

You aren't crawling yet, but you can get where ever you wanna go. You roll, scoot backwards and pull your way to whatever you set your mind to. It's always fun to walk back into a room and you are on the other side of the room.
For your first Halloween you were a lion. Someone gave us your super cute costume and you were a pretty good sport. You looked so cute and we spent your first Halloween with Emrie at the Storybook Forest in Edmond.

We also got to go to my five year reunion at OBU. You were so sweet all day and attended your first basketball game, but you pooped out before we got any pictures. You loved on all of my old friends, and were especially glad to see Uncle Luke again.

You also got to spend a lot of time with Shelby and Hannah! They were excited to see you and to love on you for a whole day.

You are truly the joy of our life! We are looking forward to your first holiday season and can't wait to see you cross the next milestones. Thank you for making me a Momma. I tell you every night before I lay you in your bed I'm so glad I'm your Momma and I mean it! You are just my favorite thing!
I love you with all I am.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

When was the Last Time You Left Home to Come Home

Saturday will be my first time ever attend a homecoming event and it feel like I am coming home. I've been to TONS of Homecoming celebrations: in high school watching friends get crowns and kisses and now I watch our students experience the same thing every year; in college I always attend Harvest Court and other Homecoming events; and I've been to "The Greatest College Homecoming in America" several times as well (at OSU.) But None of these places were MY home. They were either my home at the time or not ever. This weekend is my five year reunion at OBU and that was my home for four of the very happiest years of my life.
I'm excited to go home again. To see old friends and their families. To see how they have grown and changed since college and to show off my precious husband and baby. It's always fun to go back to OBU for Super Summer and reminisce with my husband and share college stories but this will be different because my friends have never been there as I've told the stories.
Tucker and I have been practicing Ka-Rip today and my sappy heart has been getting excited to go back.
Our Welcome Week theme is the title of this post and I remember move in day and not really understanding what it meant. But as I walked off campus four years later I cried because of how true that statement really was in my life.
I'm ready to leave home and come home...again!