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Thursday, February 19, 2009

New things & D.I.Y

I love getting new decor for my house. It's hard for me to commit to big purchases, but once I do, it's because I've fallen in love with those items so completely. I received one such purchase in the mail from Pottery Barn yesterday. We got a new quilt. Chris told me in May, when we moved to Lubbock, that I could get a new one of MY choice. This was a big deal for several reasons. First, because our first fight EVER was over bedding and it was the hardest thing to choose when we got married. We couldn't find anything we both liked. It was forever trying to find something we could agree on. We finally did but I just settled on something. So the hunt began and almost 9 months later I committed. Anyways, all of that to say my new quilt came yesterday and I LOVE IT!!!  
Another hobby, I guess you could say, is painting and re-painting various rooms. It's the cheapest way to make the biggest affect on your home. $30 for a totally new look and feel and that's for the good paint. I'm not at all afraid of color and it's evident in our house. We chose this smokey blue-ish purple to go with our new quilt. So hopefully we'll get the DIY done this weekend and I'll post pictures of our new bedroom next week. 

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Get to Know the Gordon's

So I was going to post this yesterday in honor of Valentine's Day, but I couldn't get it to work on our Mac. Here is a little something to get to know the Gordon's.

What are your middle names? Gene after his mom's mom who died while she was pregnant with Chris and my middle name is McKenzie. My first name is Danna, a combo of both my parents first names.

How long have you been together? Since November 16, 2005.

How long did you know each other before you started dating? We initially met at Super Summer in 2002. He was a School Coordinator and I was a TL who just finished her freshmen year at OBU. He supposedly told the other guys that I would make a good youth ministers wife that week but nothing came of it. We reconnected after I graduated and was working at the BGCO for youth ministers. We chatted at a youth ministers conference and later that week he tracked me down at work and we talked all night. The next night we hung out till the wee hours again. I'd say we were both pretty sold at that point.

Who asked who out? He definately asked me out. I had no idea he was interested in me as anything more then a friend. I've always been the best friend and so I was clueless.

How old were each of you when you met? I was 19 so that means he would have been 24

How old are each of you now? I am 26. He is 31.

How long did you date before becoming engaged? three months to the day. That day just so happens to be the third anniversary of that wonderful day!

How tall are each of you? I am 5'4" and he is 5'10"

Whose siblings do you see the most? Probably mine. My sisters are my best friends so I always wanna see them. We have gotten to see Delton more lately because we all live in Oklahoma again. Still far, but better then different states.

Do you have any children together? Not yet! We've been working on that.

What about pets? We have one little ball of energy...Thatcher, he's a maltipoo and we've had him since Halloween 08. He likes Chris better, but he's fun to have around.

Did you go to the same school? No. Our college experiences look a lot different. I went all four years in a row at OBU. Chris took a different road...he started at SWOSU in Sayre for two years and then moved to Stillwater and went two years there, and then quit 8 hours shy of graduating. He returned to finish his degree at USAO in 2007. He graduated last April. A huge accomplishment! I'm so proud of him!!

Are you from the same hometown? No he's a Sayre native and I'm from the Heart of Oklahoma, Purcell

Who is the smartest? Christopher! His mind keeps track of all kinds of crazy things.

Who is the most sensitive? It's a tie. I'm definately more emotional and get my feelings hurt more easily. But he has his moments too.

Where do you eat out most as a couple? well with all of Sayre's 4 choices...lately it's been the new place in town, Miller's Cafe.

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple? Kona, Hawaii. For our honeymoon. Hands down the best vacation I've ever, we've ever been on! Beautiful, relaxing, amazing!

Who does the cooking? I do. Chris grills out, but I'm anal and don't like other people in my kitchen. Hateful I know.

Who is more social? CHRIS! I'm a little socially awkward with new people. Old friends, I'm great with. Love them, but I don't think I'm very good at making new friends, my age especially.

Who is the neat-freak? me for sure.

Who hogs the bed? we would both say the other one does, but probably me. I get cold and so I scoot over closer to him and sometimes don't go back to my side.

Who wakes up earlier? Depends on the day and who has to work first. Probably equal toss up.

Who has the bigger family?I do mostly because of re-marriage, but I do have one more sibling then he does.

How do you spend the holidays? Christmas day is always with my mom and sisters, and the rest of the time we spend them running from one house to another. We had 12 Christmas celebrations last year.

Who is more jealous? Probably me. But it's mostly just of how we spend our time. I'm more of a home body and he's a mover and a shaker.

Do you have little pet names for each other? He calls me Babe most of the time and I make lots of variations of his name. Chris, Christopher, Toph, Tophy, C Double G. etc...

How long did it take to get serious? About five minutes I think. No seriously, we said the L word at 6 weeks.

Who eats more? depends on what we're eating. He does for the most part but I eat more snacks.

Who sings better? Toph again wins this one. He has a beautiful voice and I love to sing with him.

Who’s older? My cradle robbing husband, by 5 years, 3 months, and 1 day.

Who does the dishes? Usually me. It's the anal thing again. I have a specific way to load the dishwasher. He helps sometimes.

Who snores? I guess this is an ok one to give to the other half. He's the noisy one.

Who’s better with the computer? He is. He's really good with techy things.

Who drives? When we're together, he usually does. I have been driving more lately though.

Who kissed who first? He kissed me on my forehead the first night we hung out and he also moved in for the lipper.

Who eats more sweets? Definately me, unless it's one of his favorites.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

First time for everything

I've been stocking other peoples blogs for sometime now, not in a weird way, I just like reading what's going on in the lives of my friends. So I'm finally joining the blog world. 
We have been busy these days. Today we had Chris' dad's wedding. It was a long day but it went well. I think they were happy with how things turned out so I guess we were too. Chris officiated the ceremony and I coordinated it. It makes for a long, but good day. 
Tomorrow after Sunday School I'm heading to Oklahoma City to go to the Affair of the Heart with Cassie and Emrie. I'm excited to see them and to see what if I can find some cute new things for our house. I still haven't gotten our new house totally decorated. I have a hard time making decisions and Chris and I have a hard time trying to find time to hang things once I do make up my mind. We still have three bedrooms with nothing on the walls. Someday I guess...
This week I'm working at the paper, going to a basketball game Tuesday night, going to Ok City Thursday and Friday for a writing conference with Chris, and back to Sayre for a girls event Saturday, and back to Purcell/Norman Sunday and Monday. Another crazy week! Here we go!