Bring Bennet Home

Monday, December 12, 2011

2011 Christmas Letter

MERRY CHRISTMAS to our wonderful Family & Friends,
   We hope this letter find you & your family healthy & happy. We have had a great 2011 full of milestones for Tucker & sweet memories for his parents to treasure. What an adventure!
   Chris just began his fourth year as the Student Minister at First Baptist Church in Sayre, Oklahoma. He continues to work with the students here and to fall more in love with what a little longevity in a ministry looks & feels like. FBC Sayre is a huge blessing in our lives & they continue to love us so well. This is the longest Chris has ever been at one church and being able to watch kids grow up & grow into leaders is really fulfilling for him. 
   My roll at church has changed some in the last 19 months, but I continue to help out when I can. I’m loving teaching Senior girls Sunday School, advising our student leadership team & helping with event planning and preparation throughout the year. Our students in Sayre really are the best kids to work with & we count it a privilege to be entrusted with them. Our church family at Sayre also continues to be a blessing & an example for how to love people & give selflessly. 
   Tucker is the star of the youth group & is constantly dotted on, played with & spoiled by our students. He definitely has his favorites among the group. It’s funny to watch them all vie for a baby’s fleeting attention. This year’s biggest debate was whose name Tuck would say first & Sawyer Johnston was the winner! She is still gloating, I think. What a blessed little boy he is to get to grow up as the little brother to 50 or so high school, junior high & college students.
   Tucker just seems to get more &d more fun as the days go by! We obviously think he is SUPER advanced in everything he does & are relishing watching our sweet baby grow into a kid. His vocabulary is expanding everyday, he knows all of the animal sounds his momma does, what sounds about half the letters in the alphabet make, two handful of songs (motions or words), family members names & even a couple of movie quotes. This year he has fallen love with the movie “Cars.” He regularly requests to watch it by saying, “ka-chow” just like Lightening McQueen. His favorite toys are cars, balls, shape sorter and his Cars tent. Tucker also loves to read books, run or be chased, play outside, watch tv/movies, play on our iPhones or on the the computer & his Momma. His favorite foods are green beans, mac & cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches and any carb. He is still a big boy! At his 18 month check up he weighed just over 33 lbs. (which is off the charts) & was 32 inches tall (60%). As the days go by we continue to marvel at the biggest blessing either of us has ever received. Tucker is just perfect! Sometimes its still hard to wrap our minds around why God chose us to be his family. Humbled is a massive understatement!
   My days are filled with chasing, playing with, feeding, changing, wrestling, laughing, teaching & loving Tucker. It’s a tough job somedays, but I have never loved anything more. Motherhood is the most rewarding & challenging thing I have ever done, but I’m overwhelmingly blessed to get to stay home with my sweet boy. I wouldn’t want to miss a second of these days that seem to be passing all too quickly! 
   Chris has grown into such an incredible father. It is pure joy to watch him love his son. They both light up when they see each other! When Chris takes Tuck into another room I love to listen to them laugh & talk & play. I knew when we were dating that I was not only picking a guy who would be a good husband, but also a fantastic father & he has surpassed all of my expectations. Chris stays busy with church work, student activities & our little family. He does a great job balancing all of those things.   
   We are looking forward to what 2012 will hold! A few things on the books for the Gordon’s next year are… Chris will begin his third season as the Sayre Eagle High School Boys Golf Coach, Tucker will turn two and Chris & I will be leading a trip of our students to Zambia, Africa in August. 
   During this time of year we can’t help, but reflect on all of the blessings we have. Our family & friends continue to remain in the number one spot. Thank you for your friendship, love & support! We are truly blessed to be loved so much by so many. 
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,
Chris, McKenzie & Tucker Gordon