Bring Bennet Home

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bieber Fever

Two weekends ago we got free HBO from our satillite provider. When that happens I go through and DVR any movies we haven't seen to watch at our convience. One of them that I chose this time was Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never." Up until this point I haven't known much about the kid besides his annoying hair flipping tendencies. Chris and I watched the movie and were really impressed with his talent and love for people. After watch his movie I just fell in love with the little cutie. I mean who doesn't love a 16 year old boy who still loves on his momma, grandma and other adults in his life without embarrassment despite vast amounts of fame and attention?
Anyway, the next day I went on iTunes to purchase his album. I was listening to it and singing along with Baby, Baby. It only took one time and Tucker was also coming down with Bieber Fever! He LOVES Baby, Baby and a few other songs on Justin's cd. He asks repeatedly throughout the day for Baby, Baby and he sings the chorus so sweetly. The way he hold "mine" out at the end of the chorus just makes me smile every time. He also really likes "Ennie-Meanie." I realize this exposure to pop music will make some of my music snob friends chringe, but it's stinkin' cute!
I am loving watching his preferences develop and being able to communicate what he wants. Its such a fun phase, that apparently will have Bieber as a part of the soundtrack.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Room to Roam

We moved Tucker to a twin bed in October kind of on accident. We happened to go to Tulsa for a few days just to get away and he slept in a normal bed at our hotel so we tried it when we got home. It was a miracle for us because he began to sleep all night for the first time in his life! This glory lasted all of two months. In December we went on a two week ski trip with my family and then slept in various other beds over the holidays. Since then he has decided he'd much rather sleep in the middle. This equals little room for his parents on the edges of our queen sized bed. We have adapted because you get to a certain point and it doesn't matter if your all that comfortable you just must sleep. He starts out in his bed every night and makes it until 3-4 a.m. and then he comes to my side of the bed and says, "hi momma. hey. hey momma. hi." until I reach over and pull him up and over my body to his spot. We have tried getting back up and taking him back to his bed. He then reappears a hour or two later. This week we've just been letting him fall to sleep in our bed and then taking him back to his own.
This morning however, Chris had to go open the church up for some ladies who are working out there at 5:30 a.m. At this point last night Tucker was laying with his head towards the foot of our bed and about half on top of me (as usual, I seem to be his very favorite pillow.) So I had Chris move him back to his bed and it left me and our dog alone. It was fabulous. I rolled over and stretched out. Such luxury! Chris and I have been talking about upgrading to a king size but this morning I told him maybe I'd just keep the old one just for me. Man it was nice to stretch out and not have anyone snoring or on top of me or making me hot or kicking me or anything else.
I've always loved my bed, but now that the space is so limited when I have it all to myself I love it all the more!