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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bad Blogger

Y'all I have been bad at blogging lately. And not for lack of blog worthy events, but because I can barely make myself sit and read your blogs for some reason, little alone think coherent thoughts to put into words for my own posts.
Since I last posted: Bennett turned one and we had a party. He also got to spend about 28 hours in the hospital. Chris fell off a kitchen chair while keeping all three boys alone and was shortly there after found way out of it by a church friend and got to ride in an ambulance. (He's ok, but has really hurt his shoulder and been in lots of pain.) Halloween has come and gone along with our church's Fall Festival. We also had a semi-disastrous family picture session. Geez - three boys all looking and smiling at the same time is near impossible! All of these things have pictures that accompany them. All of them have stories and information I need to document, should document. But the free space in my brain can't seem to compute. I'll get it done. Some day.
But we're all here. Alive and well. Loving our new home and church family. So until I can muster up some more thoughts there ya have it!

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Heather D. said...

:) whew. Honestly I am worn out just reading that itty bitty post. Bless your heart. When you catch your breath, do update us. I would love to hear how things are going. Until then, prayers are sent your way.