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Saturday, January 11, 2014

College Roommate Reunion

   Oh how I love these girls! Four of the six of my roommates from the Philly House got together right after Christmas to love on each other for a few hours because Kristin was in Oklahoma. Everyone met at my mom's house and spent a lovely evening together. We had a great dinner at Local in Norman and then they all stayed for a slumber party. The time we spend together is so sweet because it's so rare. These girls were each a huge part of my college experience and I'm so thankful for their rich friendships that pick up right where we left off. Thirty looks a lot different then twenty did, but having friends that have seen both and still like you is a huge blessing! I'm so glad we made the time to see each other.

Judah also made his Philly Girl debut and we all loved getting to snuggle with him throughout the reunion. He was a trooper because we kept him out late, but just having one baby amongst the four of us was also a treat for the momma's of the group! Although I think Megan was his favorite.

Until next time my sweet roommates! Love ya'll dearly!

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