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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tucker's First Day of "School"

Tucker William,
You are growing up so fast! You amaze us everyday at the things you say, the games you play and the sweet way you love. You've always been tender hearted but as you've become a big brother your protectiveness has really started to show, even when it's between your littles. I hope you always act as a protector. (Although your methods of communicating this spirit could be refined a little bit.) You love your brothers and friends deeply and look forward to anytime you get to see them. Church is just about your favorite place to go, except for Granna's. You are a wild man with lots of energy. You love cars, wrestling and watching movies. Your imagination is super active! You wake up spilling with stories of things you've dreamed about. Your cars also tell some really funny stories while you play.
Today you started a Mother's Day Out program in Watonga. You will go two days a week all day and I hope that it is wonderful for you. I know you will love the social aspect and I hope that the structure will also help you develop and grow to be ready for "real" school next fall. We will see how it goes! I know it will be a transition for you to get used to school rules and teachers instead of Momma.
As this day approached I was overwhelmed with how fast you're growing up. I feel like we just brought you home from the hospital last week and now you are big enough to go to school all day without your momma. You did tell me you would miss me and it might make you sad for me to leave you. But you didn't seem to mind when I did leave. You are still a big boy and a big talker. You are an extreme extrovert. You've never met a stranger and much to my dismay you love to strike up conversations with everyone you meet. You also have a gift of making it awkward if they don't respond to you. You just call them right out on not hearing you. Bless it. I hope in school you learn that sometimes you have to be quiet and listen. Never a dull moment.
We are working to help you to be obedient. You are a little too smart for your own good sometimes and talk back or respond hatefully when you don't get your way. We have tried lots of different types of discipline but none seem to affect you for long. We hope school will add another positive discipline source for you and help you learn that reactions are important and that you are not the only kid in the whole world.
You will learn more about reading, writing and early preschool lessons. I think your teachers will be surprised by how quickly you learn and how well you retain things. You are so smart little boy! You make us so proud!
I really can't believe I have a child old enough to go to Mother's Day Out! I know it will be good for all of us, but man it's hard to let go of my eldest little fellow. Tucker I love ya like crazy and I'm so thankful I get to be your Momma. You make me smile and wanna pull my hair out every single day. I know without a doubt you were chosen to be my baby by God Almighty. I have loved watching you grow into a little person and become your own person. You love and feel so deeply. I pray God will grow you into a mighty protector with a tender heart and deep love for others. I pray he will develop characteristics of Jesus in you and that your strong personality will become one of a great leader who will point people toward the Father. You are so special and your Daddy and I love you more then you can possibly understand. Knock em dead baby boy!
Love you more,

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